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DK16 14x16
Heat Press Machine

DK16 14x16

The Digital Knight clamshell heat presses feature a state-of-the-art control system and heavy-duty solid steel welded framework. These machines boasts a lifetime warranty on the heat platen, and an unprecedented 3-year warranty on the heat-control electronics.

Gas cylinder assisted, heating head lift feature to reduce operator fatigue, and the ability to open the heating head to 110°, shown in the picture to the right.

The design allows you to easily use both hands in opening and closing the press. This is particularly beneficial for those (for example with arthritis) who have difficulty in using their hands.

The heat platens use SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology, a system of embedded heater windings that wind tightly and closely together throughout the entire platen for extremely even heat, fast recovery & fast heat up times. The clamshell opening action pulls up and away from the loading table allowing for full unrestricted access to the platen. Gas spring hydraulic lifters provide a smooth, hands free opening action of the heater. The Digital Knight controller utilizes an easy to read oversized-digit LCD display to show time and temperature simultaneously, and the temperature readout is accurate within +-2°. The operator can use the 70 programmable presets for saving common application settings of Temp/Time/Pressure, ensuring consistent, repeatable results for all applications.

You may find it useful to have your heat press on a moveable stand, to allow you to move your press around your work area. The presses bolt to the stand.

The Digital Knight Universal Stand is an extremely heavy-duty solid steel stand for various Digital Knight heat press machines. It features a heavy steel welded framework, and industrial grade casters. The rolling casters can be locked with the foot pedals, preventing wheel pivoting and movement of the stand. The stand is quickly and easily assembled, and ships inexpensively by UPS. An excellent add-on for existing machines or new press purchases, the Universal Stand works with common heat presses in the Digital Knight line. All hardware and instructions are included for assembly

Our Overview

The Geo. Knight DK16 Clamshell press is an efficient garment heat press. It is also acceptable for other types of thin items. You can probably even do single mouse pads but we would not get this press for imprinting multiple mouse pads or thick items like plaques or ceramic tiles.

Clamshell heat presses close with a hinging action, like a door. This produces uneven pressure (slightly more in the back and less in the front) and can greatly affect transfer results.

For it's size, this press is very heavy (because of their welded steel framework). If pick-it-up portability is a need, call us. We lugged many a press around in our former retail days and we will be happy to advise you

DK16 14x16

DK16 14x16

Weight: 83 Lbs
Electrical: 1500 Watts
13 Amps (110V) / 7 Amps (220V)
Dimensions: 32"x17"x16"

Purchase $936.00

Auto-open upgrade for the DK series
Please call (800) 908-9916 to purchase $195.00

Hours – Mon-Fri – 8:30 am - 5:00 pm – CST
138 Space Park S. - Nashville, TN 37211
800-908-9916 - 615-833-5910

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