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The Tile Master
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The Tile Master

Designed by Alpha Supply Company and manufactured by George Knight & Co., exclusively for us, the benefits of the DK1820S heat press can be summed up with three words: size, power and efficiency.

The features, advantages and benefits of how this press is constructed is exactly the same the DK20S described on another page. Here is what puts the DK1820S in its own class.

  • Size - with an 18x20 heater block, even 17x19 heat transfers can easily be applied. The "swing-away, back and then down" motion of the head means that all force is evenly applied. This is especially important when imprinting thick items.

  • Power - the heater block for the DK1820S press is 1.1" thick. All other manual presses are .75" thick. This provides an extra heat reservoir for more even heating, especially when imprinting items like ceramics.

  • Efficiency - when configured as The Tile Master(DK1820S) with our unique "2-Tray" production system, the press provides a 25-35% increase in productivity.

The Tile Master™ In Action

.Unlike average presses, "The Tile Master" does not have a heat resistant rubber pad permanently glued to the bottom of the press. The bottom of the press is bare steel.

What you see is a steel tray, with the rubber permanently attached to it. The tray slides onto the press bottom. Flanges on the left, right and front of the tray keep it centered on the press.

The yellow pads that you see in the picture are four pieces of heat resistant felt, that are placed on top of the rubber pad. On top of the felt is a sublimation transfer sheet and 6- 6x6 tiles waiting to be sublimated.

"The Tile Master" comes with 2 trays (with attached heat resistant rubber on each) and 8 pieces of the felt (four for each tray). When the operator closes the press, they then begin loading the second tray (shown to the left).

When the heating cycle is completed with the first tray, the press is opened, the tray slid off and the second tray immediately slid on and the press closed.

The entire tray "switching" operation takes less than 30 seconds. The tray of tiles just removed is allowed to cool for just a few minutes, unloaded and then reloaded for the next cycle. There is no downtime between heating cycles.

Not shown in the pictures is the Teflon sheet (provided with "The Tile Master") that is placed over the tiles. This keeps possible "grit" from the tiles becoming stuck to the heater block.

Note: Because the press is so heavy and some users want to be able to move it around, an optional stand for the press can also be ordered. It is a custom made, solid steel, welded stand, with locking castors.

Our Overview

One important fact that we think is important to remember is that "The Tile Master" can be used for any type of work requiring a swing away heat press.

The DK1820S was named "The Tile Master" because of its powerful ability to efficiently crank out hundreds of high-quality tiles a day. However, the press is just as efficient and effective for any and all other types of transferring needs.

For example, if you were transferring to multiple items that were not ceramic, you would just leave the felt off, but still use the two trays. If you were transferring to single items (with short transfer times) you would probably just put one tray on the press and leave it there.

The press is also highly effective in providing an efficient method of transferring to two sides of a garment. The lower platen is elevated and there is slightly over 17" of free space under the platen.

Because of this large space, even 4XL shirts can be totally pulled over the platen for perfectly positioned transfers. Transfer to one side of the garment, pull it off, turn it over and then transfer to the other side.

The other important fact to remember is that the DK1820S is not just bigger than a standard 16x20 press, it is also more powerful and efficient in heating evenly. This is because the heater block is about .35" thicker than a standard press.

Without getting boringly technical, this means there is an additional 126 cubic inches of heater block metal to collect and hold heat during the transfer process.

If you are seriously interested in this press we suggest that you go to one of our specialized sites at,, and read the entire site. You will get a lot of ideas there, including our business thoughts on the press.

If you don't feel like you need the awesome abilities of "The Tile Master", but still want a very powerful press, review the information about the DK20S. It is quite a press in its own right.

The press can also be ordered as a packaged deal that includes everything below, plus a complete bulk ink sublimation system, an assortment of practice blank tiles and everything else you need to hit the ground running. See the details at -

The Tile Master

The Tile Master

Weight - 240 lbs. (109 kilos)
Electrical - 1800 watts / 15 amps.
Dimensions - 24"x21"x32"
110v standard
220v available at no extra charge

Purchase $2,699.00

DC/DK Universal Stand

DC/DK Universal Stand

Weight: 77 Lbs.
Shipped Dims: 36"x24"x8"
Assembled Dims: 26"x16"x29"

Purchase $295.00

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