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JP12 9x12
Heat Press Machine

JP12 9x12

The JetPress machines are a light duty line of low-cost, economical heat presses. Intended for start-ups, home use, and non-production oriented heat pressing, the JetPress machines are ideal for ink-jet, bubble-jet, laser, copier & sublimation iron-on transfer paper users seeking professional quality imprinting results, without the costs associated with commercial press equipment.

These presses apply good clamping force with little operator effort, providing the pressure needed for professional iron-on transfer paper results that last. They also provide far higher temperatures necessary for a perfectly successful transfer than a hand iron is able to deliver.

Those who seek fast, consistent & long lasting transfer printing results will find the JetPress line the perfect answer... professional results for a fraction of the cost of high-end heat press equipment!

Our Overview

In our opinion, the JP12, for the price, is a dandy little press. It is perfect for the hobbyist and light production. It is particularly handy for mobile retail and special event opportunities.

However, with our typical candor, we want to emphasize that the JP12 is not a full-fledged production press like, for example, the DC16. It is great for what it is intended, but it is still a light-weight machine made for low volume.

JP12 9x12

JP12 9x12

Weight: 30 Lbs
Electrical: 650 Watts
5.4 Amps / 120 Volts

Dimensions: 16" D x 18" W x 10" H

Purchase $299.00

Hours – Mon-Fri – 8:30 am - 5:00 pm – CST
138 Space Park S. - Nashville, TN 37211
800-908-9916 - 615-833-5910

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